Wallflowers Phase Two

Detail: Wallflowers Phase Two flyerAnd straight from the metal box, the next installment of the Wallflowers saga, courtesy of vocalist David Rinck. Here’s Mr. Rinck’s commentary on Phase Two of this seminal band:

“The second lineup of The Wallflowers was David Rinck on vocals, Todd Lahman on guitar, Paul Howland on bass, Armando on sax, Arturo Reyes on drums.

Wallflower Phase Two photo“More of the second Wallflowers in their studio in the basement at Greenwich Village West.

Wallflower Phase Two photo“An odd thing that nobody has flyers from the Studio 517 gigs? There were plenty of them, including a big bash one Halloween with simultaneous concerts at Greenwich Village and 517. This place was central to the SD bands (gigs and recording), yet the only remnant of 517 that seems to exist is our ode to Steve Epeneter, ‘Paradise on 4th Ave.’ ”

Wallflower Phase Two photo(In this thread about the legendary DaveFests, Rockin’ Dog Dave Ellison also recalls the Wallflowers at Studio 517: “I remember one show when Armando and Todd were still in the band at Studio 517 … People were sitting on the floor watching the band and some guy sitting by me yelled, ‘Lose the sax and turn up the guitar!’ … so Armando walked out into the crowd and walked around this guy in circles, blowing his sax in the guy’s face for a while.”)

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