More photos of Hair Theatre and friends

Che Underground New Year’s resolution #1: Get better about tackling our backlog of treasures.

Here’s an assortment of photographs I’m long overdue to post from the collection of Laura S. These 10 photos include mid-’80s shots of Hair Theatre and other nears and dears, followed by Laura’s recollections of the circumstances behind each. Help fill in the blanks!

1. Sergio and Paul Allen, Hair Theatre. I had some vague recollection that it might have been at the Jackie Robinson YMCA.

2. Sergio, beret.

3. Graveyard Park.

4. Sean McMullen talking to Jenny Klowden. i think Hair Theatre played at a party that night at their house. We were all dressed up. it was Sergio’s birthday, I think. Who knows which one!

5. That’s Gabriel in the forefront. His brother was Paul. I don’t remember their last names. It was my 18th birthday in a hotel room in Mission Valley. One of the big faux tropical ones. Don’t know if it’s still there. That would have been April 1987. The two of Sergio to the right were taken at Mission Beach on my prom weekend. which would have been that same time frame. It was really just an excuse to rent a place to party all weekend. But little-known secret that Sergio designed the prom invitation for my school that year and won — which meant we didn’t have to buy a ticket.

The picture of Sergio below that was taken on Sergio’s 19th birthday, which would have been August 1984 (I think).

6. I don’t know who that guy is. I had to send the other one because it was so funny. That was Mark Mullen, me and Paul at GBH, I think at Adams Ave. I think it was 1983. A guy named Allen took the picture.

7. A Halloween party at [Hair Theatre drummer] Steve Broach’s house. Sergio and Sergio. (And yes, Dave and Deanna. Too bad about the tragic twist!)

8. That is Steve Broach. We all went to the snow. I don’t think he has a moustache — can’t quite tell. But that’s definitely him!

9. That little torn picture is Dave Klowden. The other one is Sergio and me at Che Cafe. Hair Theatre was playing. It must’ve been like 1984 …

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5 Responses to “More photos of Hair Theatre and friends”

  1. Paul Allen Says:

    I went to school w/Paul and Gabriel before hanging out w/them later. Which Paul is that in No. 6?

  2. markmul Says:



    I did not think photo’s existed from that time. I think I had my blue creepers on !

  3. Mmrothenberg Says:

    >>I did not think photo’s existed from that time. I think I had my blue creepers on !

    Mark: Who’s the young man on the right? (Paul Allen, I think Laura was referring to your photo on the left when she mentioned “Paul” in the context of this item.)

  4. markmul Says:


    I’m not sure of a name.

    The picture brings back memories and all but can not come up with a name. I’m sure I should be able to but my brain is not what it once was, neither is my body or face……..As I’m reminded by the photo

  5. Paul Allen Says:

    Well, HT never opened for GBH, although I did go to see them w/Laura, Sergio and a few others… After people kept after the singer, who showed up behind the Lion’s Club, to get in, he threw a few crew passes up in the air in frustration. After pleading poverty to their manager, we got in and saved the 5-10 bucks! They were cool. I found their music more metal than punk. With their foot long mohawks, I thought they bridged the gap between punk and metal when the two were still antagonistic.

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