3 Guys Called Jesus
at North Park Lions Club, 1986

smallveg_frame01Here’s a cut from the only extant video I know of 3 Guys Called Jesus, the band I formed in 1985 with Steve Duke (bass, vocals) and Robert Labbe (drums, vocals) and played in until I left San Diego in February 1987.

Detail: Specimen/Tell-Tale Hearts/3 Guys Called Jesus flyer, May 16, 1986This performance of my song “Small Vegetables” dates from May 16, 1986, when 3 Guys opened for Specimen and the Tell-Tale Hearts at the North Park Lions Club. (Ray Brandes and I have swapped anecdotes about Specimen’s antics that night; the conditions were just awful at the time but made for a funny story in retrospect.)

More shots of 3 Guys Called Jesus!

Many thanks to Jimmy Jazz for shooting this performance and to Dave Fleminger for adding it to YouTube’s Che Underground video channel!

Editor’s note: Dave Fleminger kindly digitized a demo of “Small Vegetables” 3 Guys recorded in my garage on my four-track cassette deck:

3 Guys Called Jesus play “Small Vegetables”: Listen now!

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5 Responses to “3 Guys Called Jesus
at North Park Lions Club, 1986”

  1. Mmrothenberg Says:

    BTW, Dave Fleminger’s going to digitize a performance of this song by the Ho Hos, which Robert and I formed in SF with Jeff Lucas and Steve Lam … That recording is actually intelligible, although I sort of like the frenetic quality of this horribly mixed, chaotic version. :-)

  2. Dave Ellison Says:

    Great song, Matthew! I remembered 3 Guys as having a more punk edge than Noise 292, so I guess I was right. Did you guys record any demos?

  3. Mmrothenberg Says:

    >>Did you guys record any demos?

    Dave: Thanks! There’s some demo stuff floating around, and lots and lots of really lo-fi live cassettes.

    I’m a little scared to share them … I was totally punching above my weight class as the sole guitarist in this group (after the departure of the very talented Ryk Groetchen) … Reliving my technical limitations makes me wince a bit, but I am proud of some of the songs, and Robbie and Steve were so cool to play with!

  4. Mmrothenberg Says:

    Here the Amazons’ live version of the song, recorded in 2001 with Jason Brownell (bass, vocals) and Todd Barker (drums, vocals).

  5. Mmrothenberg Says:

    … And I just updated the post to include this crunchy garage demo 3 Guys recorded at about the same time the NPLC video was shot.

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