‘Prison Walls’: The Injections on YouTube!

Detail: Annotated Injections flyer (collection Joey Miller)It’s always fun to see a piece of our mutual history surface in an unexpected location. Viz. this video compilation from “stev1963hit,” an old-school British audiophile who included an illustrated version of “Prison Walls” from San Diego punk pioneers the Injections in a series of YouTube posts dubbed “Anarchy in the U.K.”

“Prison Walls” is the first in a trio of songs in this edition, along with “Cold Eyes” by the Reactors and “No Passion” by the Vice Creems.

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In his YouTube liner notes, stev1963hit writes, “Three of my most favourite tunes discovered in ’09 have been by California’s shouty punk strummers,The Injections … a band Steve Malkmus almost certainly heard in his youth i reckon! ‘Cold Eyes’ ( also released in 1980 ) is its polar opposite,whilst ‘No Passion’ is straight ahead ‘I Hate Your Guts’ smoking English Punk Rock from the ‘Aylesbury Goes Flaccid’ compilation 1978.”

Listen to your brothers’ calls!

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