Noise 292: “Chanson Dada” at the Casbah

Here’s a song that’s traveled with me since age 16 (when I first translated the words from the 1923 poem by Tristan Tzara) and got its definitive treatment when we formed Noise 292 in 1982.

I’ve played “Chanson Dada” in a lot of bands since (and even recently found my translation had been covered by some wacky Scandinavians!), but it’s probably the composition of mine I identify most closely with Noise 292. That made it a special pleasure to perform at our reunion May 31, 2009, when we presented Che Games for May at San Diego’s Casbah.

Listen to Noise 292 perform “Chanson Dada” at the Che Cafe, Nov. 17, 1983!

Performers are Matthew Rothenberg (bass, vocals); David Rives (lead guitar); Kristin Martin (rhythm guitar); Wendell Kling, Hobie Hodge (percussion); Joey Miller (drums). The video is courtesy of Eric Rife and Paul Kaufman, edited by Dave Fleminger.

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4 Responses to “Noise 292: “Chanson Dada” at the Casbah”

  1. mark stern Says:

    Never realized how much you sound like Dave Thomas (not the footballer, nor the founder of Wendy’s!) Cool video, still kicking myself for not making the Che games.

  2. Mmrothenberg Says:

    Thanks, Mark! I’m flattered by the comparison with the marvelous Crocus Behemoth.

    Here’s another musical rendition of the Tzara poem, in the original French, with some fun, Gilliam-esque animation:

  3. Mmrothenberg Says:

    To clarify: I simply found the Monty Python-style rendition on YouTube — it’s not my project. I personally like our very American take on the whole thing! :-)

  4. Lou Skum Says:

    I dig it

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