Lemons Are Yellow play Che Games

Lemons Are Yellow; Casbah, May 29, 2009Che Games for May 2009 continues to pay dividends for aficionados of San Diego subculture, encapsulated here in two choice cuts from the reunited Lemons Are Yellow: “Thousand Island” and “America’s Finest City.”

The LAY lineup comprises Paul Kaufman (guitar, vocals); Dave Fleminger (guitar, vocals); Kristin Martin (bass, vocals); and Seth Affoumado (drums). Heather Vorwerck shot the performance, which opened the festivities May 29, 2009.

“It was a supreme pleasure to perform our songs about San Diego in San Diego,” Dave writes. “Large 24 oz malted milk, thick and creamy for $1.25.

“This whole event was a complete blast,” Paul adds. “Of course, the shows were a whirlwind of amazing moments (Manual Scan and Hair Theatre both produced world-class, face-melting performances).

“I also got to watch Noise 292, the Answers and the Mirrors rehearse, which was like getting a private concert from my favorite bands. Plus seeing all the folks after all this time, digging into La Posta at 4am, really did rekindle nostalgia for America’s Finest City. Hope to do it again sometime! With!”

Lemons Are Yellow MP3s:

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7 Responses to “Lemons Are Yellow play Che Games”

  1. Jeremiah Cornelius Says:

    I always recall “Lemons are Yellow” as the “rile-band”…

    “I’m a New-Ro
    Bowie bozo
    Hip-hip hooray…”

    Much of the rest is unprintable.

  2. Paul Kaufman Says:

    Exactly, rile-band sums us up pretty well, not just in lyrical content but musical genre as well. If we only had the time and money, I wanted to score an entire operetta called “Non Posso Leggere”. After all, once we had tackled complex riles of Pet Sounds, Mozart was the next logical target.

    But I’m afraid those exact lyrics escape my memory…

  3. Jeremiah Cornelius Says:

    Sorry, Paul.

    I am unable to read Italian.

  4. Paul Kaufman Says:

    Non Posso Leggere = I Can’t Read, the name of a tune from our album…

    “…now I need a ride… going to Ski Beach…Steve, he said to me…Chris, you get NOTHING!”

    Wouldn’t you like to see that as an opera?

    As for riling, I always felt I could never hold a candle to the classic from Dave Anderson:

    I’m going rile on you
    ‘Til you feel real poor
    Stick my head out the window
    Gonna rile some more…

  5. Mmrothenberg Says:

    >>Sorry, Paul. I am unable to read Italian.

    Hee, hee!

  6. Paul Kaufman Says:

    Actually, weren’t the real rile bands Steely Dan, Ween and Flight of the Conchords?

  7. Jeremiah Cornelius Says:

    @ Paul K.

    Oh, yes. Steely Dan. Rile of the bitter and cynical. Impossible to untangle the sophistication of their lyrical irony from the sophistication of their reverence for Black American music.

    How can you listen to “FM” as a straight paean to 70’s commercial radio -- to which Fagan and Becker also owed their success. Besides, Chevy Chase was an original member of the band, before SNL.

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