The Wallflowers: “Walldrugs”

Detail: Paul Howland, Wallflowers (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Yet another Wallflowers signature returns from Canada after a 25-year hiatus.

Like the rest of this cache, “Walldrugs” features the original Wallflowers lineup of Dave Rinck (vocals), Paul Howland (bass), Tommy Clarke (guitar) and Aaron Daniels (drums).

“’Walldrugs’ and [Stooges cover] ‘TV Eye’ were recorded in a ’studio’ at Music Power,” Dave Rinck writes. “‘Raw Power’ [another Stooges cover] was, too, but not until a little later than the other two.

“’Walldrugs’ is about some asthma pills we used to take recreationally. They made us so aggro and dizzy that we’d often take a handful of them before going on stage.”

Listen to it now!

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29 Responses to “The Wallflowers: “Walldrugs””

  1. Paul Kaufman Says:

    I love this song. And with a slight lyrical retooling, I think it would be a great jingle for the Walgreens Pharmacy chain.

  2. Mmrothenberg Says:

    I can picture happy families shouting out “Every DAY! … Every WAY!” Kind of like those Maxwell House “Our House” commercials (do you guys have those in Cali?) or (somewhat higher on the food chain) Randy Newman’s “I Love LA” video.

    If this happens, I want a cameo.

  3. Dave Ellison Says:

    This was my favorite Wallflowers song…along with Survive the Jungle. I love everything about this song… great riffs and great vocals. It sounded even better live because you could hear the bass much better.

  4. Paul.Howland Says:

    The thing I liked about marax (It is a combination of theophylline, ephedra, and hydroxyzine.)was that it had stimulant and sedative qualities, perfect Rock and Roll drug because if you took 2 or 3 of ‘em you could fall asleep pretty much at will, and when you woke up you’d be wired and ready for battle. The songs lyrics stirred a bit of controversy within the band, Aaron didn’t want to play on the song because he didn’t want to endorse or be seen to endorse drug use, Dave and myself believed that we should be writing and singing songs that were relevant to our lives. Very shortly after one of our conversations Huey Lewis and the News Released “I Want a New Drug” which was a very mainstream pop hit, Dave and I felt pretty vindicated after that. Aaron handled most iif not all of the engineering and bandleading chores in those days, the lyrics were by Rinck and the music and Arrangement were Clarke, Daniels, Howland, Rinck. I’ve never seen a plugged nickel for any of these releases or any other recordings that I played on which got released. I’m not bitter about it, it’s just a fact.

    Remember kids, don’t take drugs, don’t share prescriptions, and stay in school.

  5. Mark Mullen Says:


    Plugged nickel…………..

    Me niether, not a single plugger or even a dime.

  6. Dave Ellison Says:

    People forget that when you write a song, it’s just a story. I grew up listening to country singers singing about booze, drugs, and all kinds of things that aren’t necessarily good. Johnny Cash sang “I shot a man in Reno… just to watch him die” …no one would even think to question that…but if you put the same lyrics in a rock and roll song, people would think it’s going to turn their kids into Charles Manson and start a campaign to ban it. If someone listened to the song and killed someone, they’d sue the singer.

  7. Ray Brandes Says:

    Funny comments, all of you! But I would think the Wallflowers wouldn’t want to endorse or be seen to endorse Huey Lewis and the News.

  8. Mmrothenberg Says:

    Only for medical reasons, Ray … Its hypnotic and laxative effects can be therapeutic, but only under strict physician supervision. (Usually in the waiting room.)

  9. Kristen Tobiason Says:

    hum…I was just listening to Woody Guthrie’s “Cocaine Blues”. Drugs have been topic since cavemen were chewin happy bark I ‘spose.

    Like Dave Ellison, Wall Drugs is my fave Wallflower tune. “Is this a raid?” Ha! Rink is so snotty and great and I forgot what a mindblowing drummer Aaron was. And a nice person too.

  10. Mmrothenberg Says:

    Aaron Daniels did this extended drum solo on the Wallflowers’ version of … “Purple Haze,” was it? Some Hendrix … That totally kicked my ass. I’m not generally a drum-solo kind of guy in rock ‘n’ roll (jazz is a different story), but Mr. Daniels totally disarmed me.

  11. Kristen Tobiason Says:

    Matthew: Aaron was PRO. He toured with Stevie Ray.

  12. Mmrothenberg Says:

    I would like the definitive story of how Aaron fell in with Tommy, Paul and Dave. That was an utterly unlikely, magical pairing.

  13. Kristen Tobiason Says:

    I am trying to remember other Wallflower drummers. Dave Klowden practiced with them once in David Rink’s garage. Then there was this wanna-be John Bonham named John Ruman (?) who totally wanted to cover Moby Dick to get the drum solo, a little too happy on the tom-toms, you know what I mean? Plus the Wallflowers were a little too haphazard and wierd for him. They were a little whacked for Aaron too but the musical chemistry between him and Paul’s bass playing totally made it work.

    Did Mark Mullen drum for the Wallflowers too? I know he was in “No Where Fast” (great name).

  14. Mmrothenberg Says:

    >>Did Mark Mullen drum for the Wallflowers too?

    Kristen: Bien sur! Mark was the drummer immediately after Aaron — next stop, the Morlocks.

  15. Dave Ellison Says:

    Mark was the drummer for the Wallflowers for pretty much every show the Rockin’ Dogs played with them. I never saw them with Aaron…the first time I saw them play was when we played with them at the Syndicate.

  16. Mmrothenberg Says:

    I believe I mentioned before that I ran for a keg with Aaron at one of our Che events, summer ’83 … Not only was he old enough to buy it, he ws big enough to carry it!

    I b’lieve Aaron was with the band through summer ’83. Am I correct?

  17. Kristen Tobiason Says:

    oh duh. Sorry Mark! of course you drummed with the Wallflowers…I remember now…(you know those two braincells are just floating around in my noggin out of firing range from each other.)

    Then the Morlocks was a “Cream” concept supergroup: Tommy and Mark from the Wallflowers, Leighton and Ted from Gravediggers and Jeff from the Answers. Mark was super cool. He let me draw on his basedrum. :)

  18. Paul Allen Says:

    Yeah, I remember being blown away also by Aaron’s drum solo at the end of one of their songs at a gig at the Che when I first saw them. Aaron played w/Stevie Ray Vaughn? Not one of my favorite guitarists (although he did an incredible Hendrix “tribute” style) but that’s a high-powered gig.

  19. Mark Mullen Says:


    Was for sure one of the good guys. He was very gifted, I did learn a lot from Aaron. Never could come close to filling his shoes.

    My older brother still talks about seeing him way later working at the Planitarium -- SP? in Balboa Park………..

    No where fast- Have not thought of that name in a long time. This was the first band I played in with dudes from high school, it was a sad affair.

  20. dylan rogers Says:

    Dave: That was one of the coolest things I have read on this site.
    Please more stories.
    I really am dig’n all this Wallflowers stuff!

  21. johnnychingas Says:

    That version of Raw Powers pales in comparison to the version that was done with Eric Camillo and John Mullen at Music Power.

  22. Mmrothenberg Says:

    >>That version of Raw Powers pales in comparison to the version that was done with Eric Camillo and John Mullen at Music Power.

    Johnny: Do you have a tape?

  23. Bruce Injection Says:

    Not a very good version

    LOU SKUM does a much better cover!

  24. Mmrothenberg Says:

    “Raw Kitfo would be another good cover for Dave Rinck to perform at Dass in Nairobi!

    “My mitamita could awake the dead
    “Mince up my beef — always tré, never lebleb!
    “Raw kitfo is sure to come a-runnin’ to you!”

  25. the P Gargoyle Says:


  26. Mmrothenberg Says:

    P Gargoyle: I would pay $50 to watch Dave Rinck and Jeff Lucas perform this scene together at Gay Denny’s.

  27. Paul Kaufman Says:

    Have you ever noticed how Iggy rolls his big round eyes just like Mr. Snuffleupagus?

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