Geeked Podcast Episode 1:
Pure Boom Hi-Fi Live

(Paul Howland, a k a P Man, ushers in a new podcast straight out of San Diego.)

Detail: Pure Boom Hi-Fi cassetteOct. 11, 2011, was the official launch night of a new dance called “Geeked.” Geeked was very pleased to be able to present The Pure Boom Hi-Fi.

Episode 1; Pure Boom Hi-Fi Live at Geeked Launch Night 10.09.11

Pure Boom is one of my very favorite selectors. I met him through the Dubstep scene in San Diego in early 2009. Here though, by special request of Geeked, he’s playing roots steppers dub. Pure Boom is the only selector I know of who actually mixes this type of music, as it’s usually played “sound system style” (play the dub, flip over, play the vocal, no beatmatching). Heavy-duty mixing chops and super-sick selecting and programming skills, combine to make each of his sets a very special occasion.

For those that weren’t able to reach the jump off of Geeked Dance, here for a limited time, in glorious 320 bit-rate audio, is Pure Boom Hi-Fi Live at Geeked Launch Night 10.09.11

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2 Responses to “Geeked Podcast Episode 1:
Pure Boom Hi-Fi Live”

  1. louis damian Says:

    very very slick cast indeed pman…///zz

  2. Paul.Howland Says:

    Here’s a podcast I made for my good friends Strong & Tough Audio. All vinyl, mixed live in the studio.

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