Gary Heffern & Beautiful People:
‘Baby You Just Don’t Get It’

(Just in time for Che Underground: The Blog’s fourth birthday, Gary Heffern shares an international collaboration featuring some of San Diego’s finest!)

Gary Heffern & Beautiful People coverHere is a new song by Gary Heffern & Beautiful People with lyrics written by myself, music by Rustman, and arrangement by Beautiful People: Selinda Shirley, Oulujoe, Mad Mulligan and Rustman.

It also features Ray Brandes, Joe Piper and Dave Fleminger on backup vocals and Ray doing some great harmonica as well. I thought if you would want to feature it on Che, you can do so and have first grabs at featuring the song.

San Diego sets ‘Blood on Fire’

The CD of Beautiful People is still available through Glitterhouse. In June, I will also be recording a new album that I have written with Ed Pettersen in Norway.

Gary Heffern & Beautiful People play “Baby You Just Don’t Get It”: Listen now! 

— Gary Heffern

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3 Responses to “Gary Heffern & Beautiful People:
‘Baby You Just Don’t Get It’”

  1. Kristi Maddocks Says:

    Hi Che Gang,
    I have been a very bad girl! I’ve been absent from the Che World far too long-and was delighted to hear this new gem from Gary Heffern & Beautiful People when I finally logged in to catch up a little this afternoon! It brought me much cheer to hear the familiar voices of David Fleminger & Ray Brandes accompanying Gary on this one! Aaay, so sweet how this circle keeps on turning; it almost as if “Wild Mary keeps on burning!(Burning!) And Rolling (rolling!) Rolling (rolling) Rolling on the Che River! oooh Do da do do do do do do;oooh Do da do do do do do do….”! ……Oh yeah, Baby!
    Great tune boys! Happy to be back!

  2. gary heffern Says:

    thanks kristi…and also thanks to joe piper who did a monstrously wonderful job as well!!! hope you all are going through this winter without pain.


  3. Kristi Maddocks Says:

    Hi Heff,
    Of course, how could I overlook Joe Piper? Well done by everybody!

    Thanks for asking how I am doing, Gary. I am actually better than ever. Last spring/summer I started a regimen of swim aerobics at the Harbor Bay Club here in Alameda. I have always been a water baby, having grown up beachside in San Diego…and the water aerobics (or swimming or surfing) is great stuff for anyone with nerve or joint pain. So, I am feeling much better these days.
    I absolutely recommend this type of activity for anyone else struggling with nueropothy or joint pains, because it is a fun activity and yields positive results. I’m looking forward to pumping up my activity to more intense classes this spring.

    Hope you are feeling well in the snow-capped lands of Norway. I’m inspired to hear your endless flow of new music! Keep it coming, Gary!

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