About Che Underground

This site and blog are home to the inside story of the vibrant scene that flowered in San Diego in the 1980s and performed many of its most crucial shows at UCSD’s Che Cafe.

This “Che Underground” encompassed the varied sounds of the Answers, Hair Theater, Noise 292, the Rockin’ Dogs, and the original and definitive Wallflowers; collaborated closely with bands like the Tell-Tale Hearts, the Gravedigger V, the Morlocks, Everybody Violet and Manual Scan; and drew inspiration from San Diego acts ranging from the Crawdaddys and the Hedgehogs to the Penetrators and Unknowns, 5051, the Injections and the Zeros.

The Che Underground marked a crossroads of styles (punk, mod, garage, noise, psychedelic and more) and regions (North County, inland, downtown and points beyond) Many bands inspired the scene, many crossed its path, and many grew from the roots it laid down.

It spawned collaborations and friendships that have lasted a quarter-century. But it produced few artifacts and monuments, since the participants were frankly too busy enjoying the creative milieu to document it systematically.

We plan to change that. Welcome to the Che Underground!

Want to reach us? E-mail cheunderground@gmail.com.