Flyer Gallery

Music might have been the central theme of the scene, but flyer art was another wellspring of friendly competition and collaboration among the Che Underground bands. Jerry Cornelius, Dave Fleminger, Sergio, Cole Smithey, Steve Garris and other artists lent their talents in an explosion of flyer design that echoed and sometimes surpassed the artistry on stage.
Detail: Manual Scan/Answers Anders flyer, July 18, 1983 (art by Jerry Cornelius, collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Answers/Upper Cut flyer, April 30, 1983 (artist unknown, collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Universal Export/Answers/Cause flyer, July 8, 1983 (artist unknown, collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Noise 292/Wallflowers/Hair Theatre flyerDetail: Wallflowers/Rockin’ Dogs/Neophytes flyerDetail: Pandoras/Answers/Odds/Noise 292 flyer (collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Rain Parade/Tell-Tale Hearts flyer (collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Noise 292 flyer: Che Cafe, May 26, 1983Detail: Mod Mania flyer, Sept. 18, 1982Detail: Hair Theatre/Rockin’ Dogs flyer: Oct. 5, 1984Detail: Hair Theatre/Nashville Ramblers/3 Guys Called Jesus flyer: Oct. 19, 1985Detail: DaveFest 3 flyer: July 20, 1985Detail: Tell-Tale Hearts/Wallflowers/Hair Theatre flyer: March 16, 1985Detail: Three O’Clock/Noise 292/Odds flyer; Feb. 11, 1984Detail: Answers/Noise 292 flyer: July 29, 1983Detail: Tell-Tale Hearts/Wallflowers/Rockin’ Dogs/Noise 292 flyer: April 19, 1984Detail: Wallflowers promoManual Scan, Answers flyer thumbDaveFest 3 flyerAnswers/Noise 292 flyerNoise 292/Rockin’ Dogs flyer thumbnailDetail from Oct. 31, 1984, showAnswers/Noise 292 flyerWallflowers’ first flyerWallflowers skeleton flyer detailDetail: Rockin’ Dogs/Wallflowers/Answers flyer March 31, 1984Detail: Wallflowers/Rockin’ Dogs flyer: March 23-24, 1984Detail: Wallflowers flyer: Headquarters, May 2, 1981Detail: Hair Theatre/3 Guys Called Jesus/Everybody Violet/Synesthesia flyer: October 26, 1985Detail: Wallflowers Phase Two flyerDetail: Hair Theatre/Polecats 4 Peace flyer: Che Cafe, June 25 198?Detail: Everybody Violet/3 Guys Called Jesus/Pagan Arts flyerDetail: Tell-Tale Hearts/Charms/Everybody Violet; Oct. 13, 1985Detail: Morlocks flyer, July 28, 1984Detail: Hair Theatre/Noise 292/Eleven Sons flyer; Nov. 17, 1983Detail: Wallflowers/”Noise 292″/Bootbeast Carnival flyer: April 16, 1985Detail: 3 Guys Called Jesus eviction party flyer: August 11, 1985 (collection John Stees)