Performance History

Another work in progress: The bands of the Che Underground scene played all over San Diego County and beyond. This space is dedicated to cultivating a chronology for those gigs.

July 16: The Physical Jerks (pre-Answers)/Dildo Repairmen (party at Steve’s house)
July 25: London Tavern; The Roosters, Manual Scan, The Answers
Aug. 20: Zebra Club; Manual Scan, Men of Clay, the Answers
Sept. 10: Zebra Club; Offenderz & Answers + Manual Answers (per the Shambles’ site)

April 10: International Blend; Salvation Army, Manual Scan, the Rockin’ Dogs
Aug. 12: King’s Road Cafe; the Answers
Aug. 13: King’s Road Cafe; the Answers
Aug. 18: Distillery East; the Answers
Aug. 19: King’s Road Cafe; I Spy, the Answers
Aug. 26: King’s Road Cafe; NE-1, I Spy, the Answers
Aug. 28: Headquarters; X-Offenders, Crawdaddys, NE-1, the Answers
Aug. 30: Headquarters; Rockin’ Dogs
Sept. 18: “Mod Mania” at Adams Ave. Theater; Answers, NE-1, X-Offenders, Crawdaddys
Oct. 15: Headquarters; X-Offenders,The Seventh, The Answers
Dec. 11: King’s Road Cafe: The Howling Men (formerly The Crawdaddys), Show of Hands, The Answers
Dec. 22: “BoboStock” party; the Answers

Jan. 1: Headquarters; Manual Scan, the Greg Hill Band, the Answers
Jan. 22(?): UCSD Rec Gym; Red Wedding, Doll Congress, the Answers
Jan. 28: Headquarters; Manual Scan, the Greg Hill Band, the Answers
Jan. 29: UCSD Rec Gym; The Drivers, The Answers, The Odd Numbers
Feb. 18; Headquarters; the Answers
March 8: Ché Café; Manual Scan (?), the Answers
March 25: Headquarters; T-Birds, X-Offenders, the Answers, the Cause
April 16: Headquarters; the Answers
April 29: Dance City; The End, Playground Slap, Scoundrel, the Rockin’ Dogs, Guy Goode and the Decentones
April 30: Headquarters; the Answers, the Upper Cut
May 13: Dance City; The Penetrators, the Rockin’ Roulettes, the Rockin’ Dogs, Cultural Breakthrough
May 26: Ché Café; the Answers, the Odds, Noise 292
May 27: Revelle Quad; Know Discipline, Noise 292
May 27: Dance City; Cultural Breakthrough, the Frantixs, Latents, the Wallflowers
June 30: Muir College Tennis Courts; The Rockin’ Dogs, Noise 292
July 8: Headquarters; Universal Export, the Answers, the Cause
July 16: Headquarters; Manual Scan, the Answers, Anders Stone
July 29: Ché Café; the Answers, Noise 292, Hair Theatre
August 6: Headquarters; the Three O’Clock, the Answers, UXB
August 26: Headquarters; the Pandoras, the Answers, Noise 292
Sept. 17: Headquarters; Manual Scan, London Fog, the Answers, Trebels, Latents, the Odds
Sept. 21: Spirit; S.D. County Draft Resisters Show with Mitchell Cornish & The Hellhounds, the Answers, the Front
Nov. 5: Ché Café; Noise 292, the Wallflowers, Hair Theatre
Nov. 12: UCSD Rec Gym; the Pandoras, the Odds, the Answers, Noise 292
Nov. 17: Ché Café; Hair Theatre, Noise 292, 11 Sons
Nov. 27: Ché Café (art show); Noise 292
Dec. 1: Club Zu; the Answers
Dec. 11: Headquarters: X-Offenders, the Answers, 3 Blind Mice

Jan. 4: Headquarters; Show of Hands, The Answers
Feb. 9: Ché Café; Noise 292, the Wallflowers
Feb. 11: UCSD Rec Gym; the Three O’Clock, the Odds, Noise 292
Feb. 24: Ché Café; Noise 292, the Odds, the Front
March 23: Greenwich Village West; the Wallflowers, the Rockin’ Dogs, the Neophytes
March 24: the Syndicate; the Rockin’ Dogs, the Wallflowers
March 31: Syndicate: Rockin’ Dogs, Wallflowers, Answers
April 13: SDSU’s Back Door; Rain Parade; the Tell-Tale Hearts
April 14: UCSD Rec Gym; the Unclaimed, the Mirrors; the Odds; Noise 292
April 19: Ché Café; the Tell-Tale Hearts, the Wallflowers, the Rockin’ Dogs, Noise 292
April 25: Center for Music Experiment; Jerome Rothenberg and Bertram Turetzky, Noise 292
April 29: The Club (AIDS benefit); Noise 292
May 30(?): Chris Henry’s house party; Noise 292
May (?): Pea Soup Andersen’s (Jesse Jackson benefit); Noise 292
June 3: Becky Cohen photo installation; Noise 292
June 6: Torrey Pines Theater; Noise 292, Shades of Grey
July 13 or 14(?): Anticlub, LA; Noise 292
July 28: House party at Paul Allen’s; Morlocks (first gig?), Noise 292(???)
August 10: Party in Anaheim; Noise 292
“>August 18: Studio 517; Tell-Tale Hearts, Morlocks
Oct. 5: Studio 517; Hair Theatre, the Rockin’ Dogs
August 31: Studio 517; Hair Theatre
Oct. 31: Greenwich Village West; the Morlocks, the Wallflowers, Hair Theatre, Noise 292 and Cindy Lee Berryhill
Dec. 26: Roxy Club & Cafe (Club Cult); Hair Theatre, the Morlocks

Feb. 16: Rock Palace; Eleven Sons, Hair Theatre, Faces of Drama, Anomic Jazz
March 16: Rock Palace; Tell-Tale Hearts, Wallflowers, Hair Theatre
April 16: Purple Turtle, Arizona; Wallflowers, Noise 292 (canceled), Bootbeast Carnival
March 23: Rock Palace; Morlocks, Fourgiven, Wallflowers
July 20: Ché Café (DaveFest 3); Wild Desires, Nephews, Hair Theatre, Untold Fables, Thru the Looking Glass, Wallflowers, Forgiven, Tell-Tale Hearts, Unclaimed, Nashville Ramblers
Oct. 19: Jimmy’s Place; Hair Theatre, Nashville Ramblers, 3 Guys Called Jesus
Oct. 26: Che Cafe (earthquake benefit); Camper van Beethoven, Hair Theatre, 3 Guys Called Jesus, Everybody Violet, Synesthesia, Black Tango
Dec. 28: Gaslamp Theater; Penguins Slept, Hair Theatre, the Society