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New Sounds Festivals 1985-1991

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

(Bart Mendoza describes the arc of an important San Diego music festival he co-founded.)

NewSoundsClippingHelmed by myself and, at first, Ron Friedman, and later Matt Fidelibus (with huge help from Secret Society Scooter Club, Dimitri Callian and many others), there were seven New Sounds Festivals in all, always one big blowout event surrounded by a week of gigs by the touring acts.

Stax-Bart modfest UT (Photo RIFE!)I had been bringing groups to town for awhile anyway, so the idea of focusing efforts appealed; the chance to do these events as a benefit for SDSU’s student-run radio station, KCR, was even better. The motive for the New Sounds Festivals was simply to promote and showcase music influenced by Mod / ’60s/ Garage, in particular local groups like the Tell-Tale Hearts, the Nashville Ramblers, Donkey Show, the Trebels and the Event. With short sets and a backline, it was like a really, really cool jukebox.


South Bay mods from Mathias Kuo

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Mathias Kuo 1984 Los Angeles Huntington Rally“Hi, Matt,” writes Che Underground contributor and veteran San Diego scenester Mathias Kuo to the Che Underground hotline. “Here are some scooter pics from the hallowed halls of SD history — taken from a South Bay perspective.”

“Set #1 — Chula, Bonita and Coronado mods before a rally.”


‘I was a Shambles drummer’

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

(Bart Mendoza of Manual Scan and the Shambles counts off drummers he’s worked with.)

“I was a Shambles drummer” pin (collection Bart Mendoza)No doubt about it: Kevin Donaker-Ring and I have worked with a lot of drummers over the decades, keeping in mind that we first began our team-up in 1976.

Here are a few of the incredible musicians who have spent time behind a drum kit with Manual Scan or the Shambles over the past 30-plus years. Not pictured: Paul Brewin, Morgan Young, Terry Moore, Rob Wilson, Trace Smith, Brad Kiser. … There’s a future post there.

1) “I was a Shambles drummer” pin. People have sat in with the band for one song to obtain one of these.


From Scan to the Shambles

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

(Bart Mendoza of Manual Scan and the Shambles talks about how he got from there to here.)

Detail: The Shambles’ first lineup (collection Bart Mendoza)Of course the various members of the Shambles knew each other for years before the band’s formation, but I can put down the beginnings of the band to two events.

In the late ’80s, Kevin Donaker-Ring co-produced Manual Scan’s “Days & Maybes” EP with Ray Brandes (side note: humorous liners by Mike Stax), and we were all part of a group of musicians that frequented Megalopolis on Fairmount Ave., often playing round-robin style — David Moye and Jon Kanis amongst the round-robiners who didn’t end up in the band (though we did back up Kanis on a compilation-album track).

Detail: Shambles at the Casbah (collection Bart Mendoza)Detail: Manual Scan, Adams Ave. Theater (collection Bart Mendoza)Detail: Manual Scan, Tower Bridge (collection Bart Mendoza)Detail: Mark Zadarnowski / The Shambles (collection Bart Mendoza)


My rockin’ Sweet 16

Friday, November 7th, 2008

(Miss Kristi Maddocks takes one step beyond childhood with a heavy, heavy monster party. Pick it up, pick it up!)

Detail: Kristi Maddocks’ Sweet 16 party, 1982 (collection Kristi Maddocks)Before there was MTV, princesses all over the world celebrated their teenage years with fabulous Sweet 16 birthday parties. Although by that time I was a child of the Che Underground, celebrating this rite of passage was an excuse to throw a wonderful party, as well as an old family tradition that I could not pass up.

When I turned 16 in 1982, the Headquarters and Distillery East were my favorite hangouts. I spent my days playing volleyball and studying at Torrey Pines High School, and hung out with the mod/punk/surfer clique known as “The Scrubboes.” In the evenings I was out dancing with my friends from UC, La Jolla, PB and downtown. It only made sense that my ska-theme birthday party included kids from both walks of life!

Detail: Kristi Maddocks’ Sweet 16 party (collection Kristi Maddocks)Detail: Kristi Maddocks’ Sweet 16 party, 1982 (collection Kristi Maddocks)Detail: Kristi Maddocks’ Sweet 16 party, 1982 (collection Kristi Maddocks)Detail: Kristi Maddocks’ Sweet 16 party, 1982 (collection Kristi Maddocks)Detail: Kristi Maddocks’ Sweet 16 party (collection Kristi Maddocks)


The Answers: “Annual”

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

(Answers guitarist/vocalist Dave Fleminger discusses the genesis of another crucial track made more poignant by the years.)

Detail: The Answers’ Dave Anderson, Jeff Lowe, Dave Fleminger (collection Dave Fleminger)The Answers, “Annual,” recorded at Ewing’s SoundTech studios, one of 13 songs recorded one day in February 1983.

I originally wrote this song in advance of receiving my high-school annual. Even before I got the book I didn’t want to read it … I was already trying to form a picture of how my connections with my friends and classmates would last over time and how I would view that period of my life in retrospect … And now in retrospect, I see this more as a way to disassociate rather than feel and experience the process.


Opening Kings Road Cafe

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Detail: Kings Road Cafe opening party flyer (collection Jason Seibert)Jason Seibert’s generous donation of early-’80s San Diego flyers offers a prime opportunity to open discussion of the Kings Road Cafe (née the International Blend), a small venue that played an enormous role in fostering and showcasing an eclectic mix of bands.

Detail: International Blend flyer, Dec. 22, 1981 (collection Jason Seibert)The Seibert Collection represents a slice of life at Kings Road in the summer of 1982, starting in June when the club morphed from the I-Blend under the management of Peter “English” Verbrugge. Other artifacts, including a July 1982 calendar (with membership card offer!), highlight the variety of performers that visited 4034 30th St. that summer, both San Diego regulars and up-and-coming out-of-towners.

Detail: Kings Road Cafe flyer, June 25, 1982 (art by Bobby Lane, collection Jason Seibert)Detail: Kings Road Cafe July 1982 calendar (collection Jason Seibert)Detail: Kings Road Cafe flyer, July 3, 1982 (art by Clayton Colgin, collection Jason Seibert)Detail: Kings Road Cafe flyer, July 9, 1982 (art by Clayton Colgin, collection Jason Seibert)Detail: Kings Road Cafe flyer, July 31, 1982 (art by Bobby Lane, collection Jason Seibert)



Many familiar faces (a few missing names)

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Detail: Mike Stax of the Tell-Tale Hearts plays Dave Fest 3 (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)The Cyndie Jaynes Collection continues to generate a kaleidescope of images from the early-’80s San Diego underground … This batch features a shot I overlooked from the Tell-Tale Hearts’ performance at Dave Fest 3 as well as a variety of portraits.

Here’s a selection of Cyndie’s photos, followed by a list matching names to these well-loved faces. Note the gaps in the historical record; help us out here!

Detail: Denise and Eric Bacher (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Sergio of Hair Theatre (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Paul Hokeness (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: At a Morlocks show in SF (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Darrin (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Outside of Murphy’s on Normal St. (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)
Detail: Zoe and Denise (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Tom Ward of the Gravedigger V (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Mystery Girl (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Maia Guest (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Karen Shelver (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Joel (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)


Related bands: Who’s your daddy?

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Bruce “Skabz” Atwell of Social SpitA lovely aspect of the Che Underground scene was how cheerfully it blended San Diego genres and geographies. We all had our influences and constituencies, and any evening with our bands was sure to bring different crowds into new alignments.

We’ve started a new Related Bands section of the blog to celebrate our bushy family tree with profiles of the San Diego bands we sprang from, performed alongside and created down the road. Ray Brandes has continued his support of this site with a fine profile of the Tell-Tale Hearts; who else’s pictures and stories do you want to see here?

Dave Fest/Party at Pat’s House

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

DaveFest 3 flyerWhacky…yeah we had a lot of parties. Most of you got laid or arrested there.

Pretty quickly we learned that most of our friends were cool, some were knuckleheads, and then we knew a few named Dave. Dave Rinck was our inspiration here…so rather than castigate them we decided to celebrate them…hence the 3 different parties called Dave Fest.

The first was The Wallflowers, Manual Scan, and the Tell Tale Hearts. That was the Hearts’ first gig if I remember correctly. That one was broken up when Arturo of SDSH used a Mission Hills mod I had a feud with as a battering ram and broke the toilet…whence we learned the rule “always put the keg outside.”

Dave Fest 2 was promoted quite a bit more widely, finally resulting in radio DJs in SF and LA announcing in for a week, bands from LA calling asking to be allowed to play…and yeah…that was broken up too when the guy we brought in to do security told all his friends to come and a couple of them had just got out of jail that day…they kinda ran amok, but they were not Red and White. Just SDSH associates.

That one was the Wallflowers, and the Hearts again, the Answers, and The Pandoras (they never got to play but they got paid)

I called the cops on that one myself. It was out of hand.

Dave Fest 3 was 10 bands for $10 at Che Cafe…get the keg out of the bathroom, and take it to the other end of town! Too many bands to name, but we had Noise, Hair, Hearts, Flowers, and on and on. I left town after that one.

Door policy at the house parties was as follows:

$3 admission, $2 if you wore your sunglasses after dark, and FREE if your name was Dave.

We had a lot of great times at 2866 E St. Many of our friends came to live there for extended periods of time. My mom (the much loved Linda) and I sat down and counted all the kids who at one time or other actually lived there (not just staying for the weekend) and it was over 26 names. You know who you are and are still loved.

Ironically after all the wild times I had with all of you, my little brother’s friends moved in after I left for SF and they ended up looting the house. Nobody would believe that this was my brother’s friends doing…it had to be me. Funny.

BTW I am throwing another party March 13 here in Watsonville to open my new studio. I mailed out 400 invitations and personally invited another 200 people. You are all invited too. Drop me a note and I’ll give you directions.

I still have the bug…heheheheheheheheh The local chamber of commerce actually sent me a flyer on “how to throw a successful party”. LOL


–Patrick Works