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CD release: Wendy Bailey & True Stories

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

(Bart Mendoza invites you out for an evening of free music to celebrate the debut of “String Theory.”)

Wendy Bailey & True Stories release party flyerOn Friday, Dec. 30, Wendy Bailey & True Stories will celebrate the release of their new album, “String Theory,” with an event at Bar Pink, 3829 30th St., in San Diego’s North Park.

For this special show, the band will perform two sets. In the first, the quartet will play the new album in its entirety, plus a few old favorites. In the second, Wendy Bailey & True Stories will be joined by special guest musicians for a run through of a dozen choice R&B and rock-‘n’-roll classics — a different guest for each song.

“String Theory” is the debut album from Wendy Bailey & True Stories, featuring lead guitarist and vocalist Wendy Bailey; bassist Billy Fritz; guitarist Bart Mendoza (Manual Scan, the Shambles et al.); and drummer Danny Cress (the Coyote Problem, Skid Roper and more).


Geeked Podcast Episode 1:
Pure Boom Hi-Fi Live

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

(Paul Howland, a k a P Man, ushers in a new podcast straight out of San Diego.)

Detail: Pure Boom Hi-Fi cassetteOct. 11, 2011, was the official launch night of a new dance called “Geeked.” Geeked was very pleased to be able to present The Pure Boom Hi-Fi.

Episode 1; Pure Boom Hi-Fi Live at Geeked Launch Night 10.09.11

Pure Boom is one of my very favorite selectors. I met him through the Dubstep scene in San Diego in early 2009. Here though, by special request of Geeked, he’s playing roots steppers dub. Pure Boom is the only selector I know of who actually mixes this type of music, as it’s usually played “sound system style” (play the dub, flip over, play the vocal, no beatmatching). Heavy-duty mixing chops and super-sick selecting and programming skills, combine to make each of his sets a very special occasion.


The rise of the Gravedigger Five

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

(Gravedigger Five co-founder John Hanrattie recounts his side of the renowned San Diego garage band’s short but eventful history.)

Detail: Ted Friedman, Leighton Koizumi, John Hanrattie, David Anderson, Tom Ward, the Gravedigger FiveI was 17 when I first played guitar for an audience. I was working as a roadie for a San Diego band called N/E One. They were a very good cover band that would occasionally write one of their own songs and include it in their set. They built up a loyal following among San Diego teenagers and started playing high-school dances and at a local “under-21″ night club called Headquarters.

They started inviting me on stage to join them in covering the Rolling Stones’ take on Bobby Troup’s “Route “ I was using a six-string Rickenbacker and playing rhythm guitar with Rob Glickman, the lead guitarist. I had been taking classical guitar lessons, but I really wanted to play rock ‘n’ roll. I switched teachers to someone who could teach me Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly licks. It was a long process, and I learned some chords, but my skills were limited.

During my senior year in high school, the ASB started booking bands to play in the quad during Friday lunch. They eventually got around to inviting N/E One to play, and I joined them on stage for their set. Afterward, several people approached me, asking if I wanted to start a band. I was flattered, but I held out, hoping to find people who wanted to play the same kind of music I loved. I refused to have anything to do with playing Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin covers. I wanted to play British Invasion beat and 1960s garage music.


Support for ‘The Lion’s Jaw’

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Jeffrey Luck Lucas at micHere’s an urgent opportunity to support one of our own and get some fine, fine music in return!

San Diego expat-turned-San Francisco solo artist Jeffrey Luck Lucas is preparing to re-release his third CD, “The Lion’s Jaw,” and it will require $1,300 within the next two weeks to print the CDs his record label will distribute and promote.

It’s a quid pro quo: Donate to to “JLL, The Lion’s Jaw CD Release and General/Overall Local Artist Support Fund,” and Jeff will send you a signed copy of the newly redesigned “Lion’s Jaw” CD as well as his nearly completed new studio album, “The Love of Leaving.”


Save the Che Cafe!

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Detail: Sergio and David Rives, Che Cafe, 1983 (collection Carol Coleman)A Che PSA: UCSD’s Che Cafe is the target of a fundraising campaign to continue its decades-long run of music and memories. I hope a few of our many readers can get behind this cause with their wallets and creativity.

Followers of this blog will recall that the Che (for which this blog is named) suffered the catastrophic theft in August 2009 of its sound equipment, and insurance costs for the venue bring the fundraising goal to $12,000, according to the site.


From Spain, with love

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

(From across the Atlantic, here’s a graphical gift to celebrate the 30-year San Diego reunions of the Unknowns and the Crawdaddys. Ray Brandes sets the scene.)

Flyer: Crawdaddys/Unknowns; Casbah, Sept. 2-3, 2011 (Marc Argenter)This beautiful poster is a gift from artist Marc Argenter to the Che Underground. Marc, who lives in Barcelona, Spain, is also an accomplished musician and has played guitar and recorded with bands such as the Flashback Five and Els Trons for more than 20 years.

Marc jumped at the chance to design a poster for a show featuring the Crawdaddys, whom he first heard at the tender age of 16. He is well known in Spain as a graphic designer, and has an impressive portfolio of work, some of which can be seen here:


The Crawdaddys and Unknowns
mutual admiration society

Friday, July 15th, 2011

(Author of the definitive biographies of both the Unknowns and the Crawdaddys, Ray Brandes explores the connection between these two essential San Diego bands as they prepare to revisit San Diego after 30 years. Buy your tickets now!)

Detail: Vox ampDuring the past three decades of rock and roll music in San Diego, two groups — the Crawdaddys and the Unknowns — can arguably claim to have had the most influence over the bands that followed in their wake. Both groups looked to the past, to the greats of early rock and roll and rhythm and blues for their own inspiration, and had a mutual respect for each other that transcended local band competitiveness.

The Crawdaddys and the Unknowns are looking forward to sharing the stage this coming Labor Day weekend as the Che Underground presents their historic reunions at the Casbah. I spoke with the members of each band about their love and respect for the other group.


Che Underground meets Sunset Strip

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

(Sidewalk scenes and black limousines: On July 30, Che Underground presents Sounds of the Sunset Strip at Lestat’s Coffee Shop, featuring the Sidewalk Scene, the Ciros, Wendy Bailey & True Stories, and James Ruelas. Show organizer and Ciros reed player Lou Damian reflects on how Los Angeles’ sound of the ’60s influenced so many San Diegans who came of age 15 years later.)

Sunset Strip detailThe crazy thing about this July 30 show is that we relate to this music from the Sunset Strip of the mid- to late ’60s as our music, as the music we grew up with. But in actuality, we were just tots or infants when it was first published. There’s something about this music that stays within our fabric even today. When I hear a Byrds song or a Buffalo Springfield song, I know that I heard it as a young man on the radio. I know I heard that song when I was a year or two old. And it’s just another part of who I am.

The garage rock, psych rock, and blues and folk rock of that era is an important contribution to American music and the West Coast sound. This is what we always championed as our West Coast identity … in the so-called “Che Underground.”


The return of the Unknowns

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

(Last chance to see: Ray Brandes reviews why this San Diego reunion of the band’s classic lineup is a very big deal indeed.)

Detail: The Unknowns’ second lineupLabor Day Weekend is approaching fast, and tickets are selling briskly for the Che Underground’s long-awaited showcase featuring historic reunions by San Diego hometown heroes the Crawdaddys and the Unknowns.

The Crawdaddys have received some recent critical acclaim in both the domestic and international press for their shows in Los Angeles, Toledo and Madrid, while interest in the Unknowns reunion is heating up quickly.

The Unknowns’ reunion will mark the first time Bruce Joyner has sung with the group in 21 years, and the first time all the members of the group’s classic lineup have played together in nearly three decades! I spoke to the members of the band about the historical significance of the show and what it means to them personally.


The Joel Scott Hill Trio in photos

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

As he continues to explore rock-‘n’-roll history via his radio collaboration with Vanilla Fudge’s Vince Martell, Gary Ra’chac generously took time out to share some great memories with Che Underground: The Blog.

“Hey Matthew,” Gary writes, “I love these shots!! San Diego’s own, the Joel Scott Hill Trio (with Joni Lyman) December 1965, Whisky a Go Go, Sunnyvale, Calif.” (Editor’s note: Read this post on Rock Prospography 101 for information on the abortive Sunnyvale franchise of the Whisky a Go Go.)

“The great Johny Barbata (Turtles, CS&N, Jefferson Airplane) on drums; Bob Mosley (Misfits, Moby Grape) on bass; and Joel Scott Hill (the Invaders, Canned Heat, Flying Burrito Bros.) on guitar.