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Geeked Podcast Episode 1:
Pure Boom Hi-Fi Live

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

(Paul Howland, a k a P Man, ushers in a new podcast straight out of San Diego.)

Detail: Pure Boom Hi-Fi cassetteOct. 11, 2011, was the official launch night of a new dance called “Geeked.” Geeked was very pleased to be able to present The Pure Boom Hi-Fi.

Episode 1; Pure Boom Hi-Fi Live at Geeked Launch Night 10.09.11

Pure Boom is one of my very favorite selectors. I met him through the Dubstep scene in San Diego in early 2009. Here though, by special request of Geeked, he’s playing roots steppers dub. Pure Boom is the only selector I know of who actually mixes this type of music, as it’s usually played “sound system style” (play the dub, flip over, play the vocal, no beatmatching). Heavy-duty mixing chops and super-sick selecting and programming skills, combine to make each of his sets a very special occasion.


Then and now: The Che Cafe

Monday, September 14th, 2009

(High time! Che Underground documentarian Kristen Tobiason revisits the spot that gave the blog its name.)

Detail: Che logo, September 2009 (photo by Kristen Tobiason)The first time I landed on the surface of the Che Café was at an early-evening soundcheck for the Wallflowers (not the Jakob Dylan pansy MTV sensation, but the raw & funky, OG Wallflowers), who were opening that night for Noise 292.

Detail: Sergio and David Rives, Che Cafe, 1983 (collection Carol Coleman)Arriving and styling in Paul Howland’s parents’ green station wagon, we unloaded a couple pieces of equipment, and then proceeded to hang out in the woodsy picnic areas surrounding the venue, creating a smoky haze amidst talk of music and the humor of Tom and Paul’s use of ordinary soap as an alternative to dime-store hair gel.


The Wallflowers: “Walldrugs”

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Detail: Paul Howland, Wallflowers (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Yet another Wallflowers signature returns from Canada after a 25-year hiatus.

Like the rest of this cache, “Walldrugs” features the original Wallflowers lineup of Dave Rinck (vocals), Paul Howland (bass), Tommy Clarke (guitar) and Aaron Daniels (drums).

“’Walldrugs’ and [Stooges cover] ‘TV Eye’ were recorded in a ’studio’ at Music Power,” Dave Rinck writes. “‘Raw Power’ [another Stooges cover] was, too, but not until a little later than the other two.


Pictures in an exhibition

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Detail: Wallflowers/Rockin’ Dogs/Neophytes flyer (collection Dave Fleminger)Aside from rock-‘n’-roll music and tattoos, flyer art was one of the highest forms of expression in our circle. Today, the Che Underground flyer gallery welcomes new show pieces from the collection of Dave Fleminger.

“The Greenwich Village West one is a Kristen Tobiason work (including initials),” Dave writes, “the Che is Kristin Martin’s (initials again), the Pandoras gobble is mine, and the Rain Parade/Tell-Tale Hearts is certainly one of the most inscrutable of Jerry Cornelius’ flyers.”

Detail: Noise 292/Wallflowers/Hair Theatre flyer (collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Pandoras/Answers/Odds/Noise 292 flyer (collection Dave Fleminger)Detail: Rain Parade/Tell-Tale Hearts flyer (collection Dave Fleminger)


Candid Wallflowers

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Detail: The Wallflowers’ David Rinck at the Che Cafe (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)More Wallflowers gems from the Cyndie Jaynes Collection!

Besides some great offstage photos of bassist Paul Howland, guitarist Todd Lahman and vocalist David Rinck, this set includes a striking headshot of Dave performing al fresco at the Che Cafe, apparently at the same event where Cyndie caught up with the Tell-Tale Hearts. Could this be the legendary Dave Fest 3, site of the Wallflowers’ triumphant last stand?

Detail: The Wallflowers’ Todd Lahman at rest (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: The Wallflowers’ David Rinck at Murphy’s (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Wallflowers Todd Lahman and Paul Howland outside LA’s Cavern Club (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: The Wallflowers’ Todd Lahman at rest (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: The Wallflowers’ Paul Howland (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)

Miss Kristi’s Top 10s for San Diego ‘It’ Girls

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Detail: Kristi Maddocks dancing (photo: Cyndie Jaynes)(Everybody Violet founder and SD scenestress extraordinaire Kristi Maddocks contributes practical tips for female food ‘n’ frolic in the San Diego underground.)

Author’s note: I have so much to say about the Che Underground, but I didn’t know where to start. So I began with the obvious: Being a female in the scene put you at a bit of a disadvantage … Even if you were smart and had creative contributions to make, the better sex was still received, perceived and judged on its looks and physical persona first and foremost.

Even though the sexual revolution had occurred in the ’60s-’70s, ironically feminism wasn’t a player in the retro mod/psyche scene of early-’80s San Diego. I was as guilty as the next girl for using my legs as a personal weapon or batting my big eyes at the boys in the band. Heck, these maneuvers got me in the door — and definitely helped me get deep into the scene and later helped me front my own band, Everybody Violet. (more…)

The Wallflowers: “Rubber Room”

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Paul, Tommy, Dave and Aaron of the Wallflowers, ca. 1983While we’re all in a Wallflowers frame of mind, here’s another Phase One Wallflowers gem freshly excavated after a quarter-century beneath the Canadian permafrost. “Rubber Room” is essential Wallflowers material,” writes bassist Paul Howland. “This one and ‘Funland’ (along with any of the many Stooges cover tunes) encapsulate the Wallflowers sound nicely. (more…)

Cyndie Jaynes: An evening with the Wallflowers

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Detail: Paul Howland, Wallflowers (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Cyndie Jaynes’ amazing gift to Che Underground: The Blog continues giving with this wonderful series of photographs from a late-era Wallflowers concert featuring Todd Lahman on guitar and Matt Johnson on drums. As always, Paul Howland (pictured in these photos) and Dave Rinck loomed large in the lineup.

MC/guest vocalist Jerry Cornelius, Tony Sanchez, Kristi Maddocks, and Audrey Moorehead also make the scene. What was the venue? The little picket fence and trellis evokes a freaky ice-cream parlor vibe. Who can ID this magic moment?

Detail: Todd Lahman, Wallflowers (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Matt Johnson, Wallflowers (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Jerry Cornelius fronts the Wallflowers (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Kristi Maddocks dancing (photo: Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Audrey Moorehead at the Wallflowers (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)Detail: Tony Suarez at the Wallflowers (photo by Cyndie Jaynes)

The Cyndie Jaynes Collection, Part One

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Detail: Jerry and Sergio at Murphy’sWhat can we say about Cyndie Jaynes? Not only is she a published author and successful graduate of the San Diego underground, she’s also a marvelous documentarian with an unrivaled cache of photos and flyers from early-’80s SD.

Here’s a sampling of the great things she’s shared with me … I’m very grateful for the chance to bring these treasures to light. Stay tuned for more!
Detail: Paul Howland at Murphy’s place in HillcrestDetail: Jerry Cornelius at Murphy’sDetail: Pat Works holding (I believe) Bo Diddley’s string - I forget how he got it thoughDetail: Cynde Jaynes, Jill Ruzich and ZoeyDetail: Mike and Eric of the Tell-Tale HeartsDetail: Eric Bacher, I think at 517 4th St.Detail: Jeff and Leighton of the MorlocksDetail: Jerry at 517 4th St.Detail: Denise (Bacher), Mike Stax and Carl Rusk at PresidioDetail: Ray Brandes, Mike Stax at Che CafeDetail: Bill Calhoun, Tell-Tale HeartsDetail: Tom Ward, Gravedigger V

Enter P Man

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

(Where are we now? Wallflowers bassist Paul Howland describes his current musical adventures in the very cool cyberworld of Dubstep. Check out the links and the P Man’s own online radio show!)

I first encountered Dubstep when I downloaded a recording of a radio show on London Pirate station Rinse FM from The show was the “DJ Youngsta” show with his longtime MC, Task. As I remember the first tune was one by an artist known as D1 entitled “Degrees.” I was immediately intrigued by the sound.

I started downloading more sets from Rinse, including “Stella Sessions” by Skream. One of the tunes Skream was playing a lot at the time was Conquest “Hard Food.” I looked around on barefiles and saw that Quest had a show, so I downloaded a bunch of his archived shows. I ended up purchasing “The Hard Food E.P.” from, along with D1 “Degrees” and a bunch of others. (more…)