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SD promoters of note
Posted by: Mmrothenberg (IP Logged)
Date: August 12, 2008 11:43AM

Time to start tallying up the entities responsible for putting on the shows we saw. Shark Productions was the late Renee Edgington ... Tim Maze, we know ...

Who was behind Dead or Alive?

What other promoters go on the list?

Re: SD promoters of note
Posted by: Toby (IP Logged)
Date: August 12, 2008 01:00PM

As far as I know Marc Rude was behind Dead or Alive. Peter Verbugge put on some stuff of his own, Terry Marine and Cliff Cunningham may have been behind some stuff (I think the Be My Friend Benefits were all Terry Marine's projects but I'm not certain. At the time I thought Terry was working on Our Blow Out and since then I've heard information to the contrary. I'd have to ask Cliff.)

Re: SD promoters of note
Posted by: clay (IP Logged)
Date: July 05, 2009 02:18AM

DEAD-or-ALIVE was originally conceived as a single benefit concert by Mickey Big and Glenn Gould to help support the finances of BAMBOOHEAD magazine. i had announced in my final-issue that i was growing weary of writing about the violence which was steadily overtaking our local punk-concerts at that time. i was concerned that my continued-writing about it would require me to either 1) gloss-over it's existence by basically ignoring it or 2) put me further in the line-of-fire by having to report it in ways more specific and incriminating than i was comfortable with. i'd already witnessed a couple parties go into full-swing riot-mode....i already knew what it felt like to have one's car-windows completely smashed in by anti-punks in imperial beach (my hometown) was reasonable to imagine it wouldn't be long before someone
within the scene found such pleasure, also.

i had started a band and found that to be more fun.
i had a young family and had to cut something would be the magazine.

and so i agreed starting a production company would be cool.....but NOT to
further bamboohead into the future...but instead for the sake of starting a production company who's commitment to the SD hardcore scene would
perpetuate virtue of sheer want, energy, intelligence, and imagination. but we needed one person who knew all the bands that needed person whos' contacts stretched from here to LA and points north and east. that man was marc rude and he understood immediately what needed to be done. he and big mickey ran with the thing after that and had a pretty good run from what i remember.
i thought tim maze stepped in at some point but i could be wrong there.

i remember peter english doing some cool shows back then and still have a particular soft-spot for cliff.
that man almost always made me smile....he was just that kind of man.

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