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If you could've been in one other SD band ...
Posted by: Mmrothenberg (IP Logged)
Date: October 02, 2008 07:13PM

Who would it have been? What would you have done for them? What would they have done for you?

Re: If you could've been in one other SD band ...
Posted by: Toby (IP Logged)
Date: October 02, 2008 11:49PM

I have a really limited singing voice but I always regretted not fronting a band as a vocalist. I had a short lived band with Greg Shushan and Johnny Smith called Flight 182 and another with Dierk Laughery, Scott Kelly, and Owen Neider- neither lasted more than a practice. I really would have liked to have put together a band with guys closer to my age (I was always the youngest in the band) and done something with a more and various eclectic sounds.

Re: If you could've been in one other SD band ...
Posted by: dflem (IP Logged)
Date: October 14, 2008 11:50PM

I always did entertain a real desire to jam with The Wallflowers..
I don't know what I could have brought to their sound as they always seemed quite complete to me, but just the same they made me wanna play the funk outta my guitar.

For nearly 10 years now I've been playing inna band that does (among others) songs by Funkadelic, Parliament, Meters.. and I offer a major thanks to The 'Flowers (I can't call them 'The Wall') for turning me on to some of those grooves.
Now, where did I put that time machine..?

Re: If you could've been in one other SD band ...
Posted by: dflem (IP Logged)
Date: October 18, 2008 04:17AM

Actually if I could expand the concept of this thread a bit I think that altho there was a lot of cross-pollination in terms of band members crossing into other groups, there wasn't nearly enough jammin' outside of band/gig confines. Which I guess also means we were all very focused, and the band/gang mentality draws a lot of lines and divisions for all sorts of reasons and purposes. Plus I don't remember ever really having much access to 'rehearsal spaces' or shared non-club music-playing spots outside of people's homes (Emilios was definitely an exception). Now that I'm all Elmer fuddy-duddy scheduling these sorts of things is more of an issue and if we're on the subject of "could've"....
I do in fact remember many awesome, magical and unsuspectedly random music moments, just "could've" been even more. take the babble further I can imagine mythical jam session monster mashups that either would have resulted in meisterworks of mayhem, fistfights or shouting matches, completely non-playing staredowns in which those involved could find absolutely no common musical ground, or total Instant Party among all involved..

Fr' instance I'd love to see Mark Neill and Skid Roper in a surf-off...two reverb masters just trying to blow each other out of the water with their most drenched riffs. Within a circle of at least a half-dozen drummers all on toms and bongos (no snare, kick or cymbals) banging out a war-drum beat..guess I'm off topic by this point but man that would SOUND.

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Re: If you could've been in one other SD band ...
Posted by: Max (IP Logged)
Date: October 21, 2008 03:37PM

I always wanted to play in a band with Mojo Nixon , he was great and didnt need anyone but it sure would of been alot of fun and drinkin.
He opened a show with us in Pheonix solo , the bill was him , Manifest Destiny and Kraut , strange bill but Mojo stole the show...

Re: If you could've been in one other SD band ...
Posted by: Paul Allen (IP Logged)
Date: December 18, 2008 11:15PM

Hey Max, what a fun tour that must have been. Mojo Nixon opened for the Hair Theatre too, before he got famous. It was just him and an acoustic guitar. I remember him walking on the backs of the seats, but I can't remember where we ever played that had seats.

The Wallflowers influenced me toward the funk as well, mainly in the person of Paul Howland. Paul hipped me on to the Meters, Defunct, the Brothers Johnson, etc. I did get a chance to jam with Paul at a jam session he ran at a bar on University Ave. in North Park in 1994. Dave Ellison was there and I think Jason from Crash's foggy, but it was funky and bluesy.

Re: If you could've been in one other SD band ...
Posted by: clay (IP Logged)
Date: July 02, 2009 08:35PM

no doubt it would've been the see paris trent up there singing a very live nearly slinky version of desmond dekker's the ISRAELITES (1980?).....him and mike harrington....
wow...that WAS punk AND class all mixed into one ya.

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